image Flushing

Flushing of vacuum systems

Complete flushing of vacuum systems, removing all organic growth and deposits. Vacuum systems use suction for removal of faeces and urine, with a minimal amount of water. The organic content stays in the piping system for a long time, resulting in growth inside the pipes. This will eventually lead to blockage if not treated.

We can help you stay operative by flushing your system, removing all growth and deposits.

  • Flushing of heat exchangers
    Scaling inside heat exchangers reduces the flow, efficiency and cooling capacity. When the pressure differential increases or the temperature difference decreases, it`s time to clean the heat exchanger. Our solution removes the scaling and brings your heat exchanger back to normal capacity with no dismantling, no damage to gaskets or material and with a documented flowchart in the report.
  • Flushing of fire lines
    An inspection of the piping and branch line conditions should be done at a regular basis to make sure the fire line system is fully operational. Debris, slime, organic materials or rust can all cause the system to fail. We offer a maintenance program that flushes the full fire line system at regular intervals to make sure your system is fully operational.