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Recycle of box coolers

If the coating on the box cooler tubes is damaged, resulting in only partially coated tubes, this will not affect the tubes themselves. However, it can result in the tubes acting as cathodes, with the vessels hull becoming an anode. When this happens, the steel plates in the hull and the steel flanges of the coolers will eventually become wasted. Proper maintenance of the box coolers is absolute key to preventing corrosion damages to your vessel. ref DNVGL article link:

We offer a complete Box Cooler recycle-package anywhere in the world.

Recycle your box cooler to extend its lifetime.

  1. Bio-clean with our Marine Concentrate
  2. Grit blasting with low-level dust
  3. Recycle complete with new coating

  • Cleaning of box coolers
    If the coating is still fully intact on the coolers, it will be enough to chemically clean them to dissolve all marine growth on the tubes. Removing all the mussels, barnacles and shells will bring the coolers back to optimal cooling capacity. We offer on-site chemical cleaning of your box coolers.